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Field & Forest Nature Camp

2022 Summer Sessions

A Balancing Act

Session 1: June 20th -24th
Session 2:  July 25th - 29th
Ages 6-11
9 AM - 3 PM
Cost per week- $325

During this session of Field and Forest Nature Camp, campers will embark on an exploration of the "big players" in an ecosystem. While studying the farm's ecological community, campers will learn about the animals that work to "keep the balance" on various "pests", rodents, and insects, and the crucial importance of predatory animals to both a working farm ecosystem as well as a forest habitat.

Daily topics will include bats, owls (with a hands-on owl pellet dissection), hawks, eagles and falcons, coyotes and foxes, and predatory insects (hornets, wasps, spiders, dragonflies, etc.) The predator/prey relationship can seem harsh, but when one understands the intricacy of this dynamic web of life, an overwhelming sense of respect and fascination is gained.

It's the Little Things

Session 1:  June-27th -July 1st
Session 2: August 1st -5th
Ages 6-11
9 AM -3 PM
Cost per week- $325

Sometimes, it is the smallest, most ordinary things in life that provide for the largest learning opportunity. In the field of farm ecology, one could fill pages upon pages with the seemingly ordinary, little creatures that play an extraordinarily large roll in their ecosystem. During this session of Field and Forest Nature Camp, campers will get up close and personal with the many insects, seeds, fungi, and even some micro-organisms of the fields and forest surrounding Lark Farm.

Daily topics will include honey bees, butterflies (we will have caterpillars and chrysalises in various stages of metamorphosis), ladybugs, ants, earthworms, plants of the field and forest, song birds, fungi, and soil microbes. These "tiny members" of the ecosystem may seem minuscule, but campers will learn their monumental role in nature.

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