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Our Mission is to strengthen the body, expand the mind and replenish the soul through riding programs and equine assisted learning activities. We seek to provide our community and surrounding area with an affordable, year round riding center focused on teaching equestrian skills and sports to riders of all ages and abilities, including those with mental, emotional, physical or psychological

Typical Riding

Hoofbeats to Heartbeats

WHCC provides instruction in Dressage and Jumping for recreation or competition through our Hoofbeats to Heartbeats Program. Emphasis is placed on teaching the reasoning behind all aspects of riding and horse care. Students develop a true understanding of the horse as a partner while they develop their riding skills and of course have fun!

Therapeutic Riding

Flight of Freedom

WHCC provides Therapeutic Riding opportunities through our Flight of Freedom Program for those with physical challenges.  Benefits include increased mobility and independence as well as development of critical thinking skills, empathy and boundaries.

I.E.A. Equestrian Team

Dancing with Horses

WHCC's Interscholastic Equestrian Association Riding Team is for Middle School and High School Students. Participants learn to ride and compete on our IEA Dressage Team and Drill Team, riding school horses. This program fosters responsibility and teamwork while building character and self-confidence. Supported by U.S. Equestrian, IEA qualifies as an interscholastic sport to add to a student’s extra-curricular school activities.