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Flight of Freedom- Riding Program

Lark Farm provides instruction in riding for recreation or competition. Emphasis is placed on teaching the reasoning behind all aspects of riding and horse care through use of HorseSense Learning Levels.   Students develop a true understanding of the horse as a partner while they develop their riding skills and of course have fun! 

​Our Flight of Freedom Programs offer typical as well as therapeutic riding lessons to individuals challenged with developmental and intellectual disabilities and those with emotional or psychological challenges.  All participants are equestrians, riding and learning as equal peers with a shared love for horses. Our differences are normalized; the barriers and stigmas that circulate around disability are broken. Horseback riding increases core strength, stability, and coordination. Participants are empowered with leadership and confidence as they learn how to successfully develop a partnership with the horse.  Cognitive skills are developed through sequential thinking, problem solving, memory, and attention.  Benefits include increased mobility and independence as well as development of critical thinking skills, empathy and boundaries.

Please contact us for more information!

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