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Hoofbeats to Heartbeats Program

Lark Farm's no cost outreach program takes horses to members of our community that are unable to visit the barn. During  the Covid pandemic, our herd made window visits, reaching those in need of a smile. Members of the herd travel to nursing and rehabilitation centers throughout Luzerne and Carbon Counties.

Although we  will still travel to those that can't get to the barn, we have many programs and care facilities interested in bringing groups that are mobile to the barn to watch equestrian demonstrations and have hands on experiences.  Future plans are underway in order to make the barn more  accessible.  Plans include the following:  installation of a new access lane to the barn suitable for small transit buses (currently we utilize our neighbor's private lane), installation of parking area, barn extension with a viewing room directly beside the parking area for ease of access (viewing room will have a climate controlled area as well as an open safety area for direct contact with horses).  

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