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An Experiential Nature Camp at Lark Farm

Children and nature belong together. Mud puddles and tadpoles, silken threads of a spider web, smooth skipping stones and seeds that grow, the wonders that dwell beneath an overturned rock, and the greater connection that ties us to the land.

This summer, restore balance to your child's life by stripping away the technology, and instead, add a dash of adventure, a handful of sunshine, and buckets of outdoorsy-play to your child’s learning experience.

Lark Farm is opening the barn doors for an exciting summer season of nature camps! Just minutes from Mountain Top center, nestled on the edge of the Pocono Mountains, Lark Farm’s unique and diverse educational space sets the perfect backdrop for an immersive outdoor learning experience.

Campers will be engulfed in nature, from the tiny wonders of a caterpillar’s metamorphosis to broad reaching discussions of predator-prey relationships. Each day will be filled with hands-on learning and STEAM based activities, all tying into the ecology and environment found in the world around us.  
Campers will have the rare opportunity to experience nature and learning under the direction of our accredited professionals who bring years of experience and expertise in the fields of Environmental Science, Agricultural, Sustainability, and Equine Science.

These camp sessions will allow children to grow through science, art, and play as they become young stewards for the environment and the natural world around them. In addition to all of the fun, parents can request copies of our Waldorf-based curriculum to utilize towards hours and learning experiences for the 2022/2023 school year.  Don’t let your child miss out on this unique unschooling, learning experience!

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